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Project Initiation
When CreativeNote initially meets a client, the first and foremost priority is to understand the client's needs. In Project Initiation, an investment of time and resources are made to define the client's business model and objectives.

Creative Design
We start by researching your company's personality and identity. During this phase we focus on your company's style guide and demographics studies to define the scope for the look and feel and the audience we will be targeting. The next step is to define the Information Architecture for your site. That phase is purely content driven and will be delivered to you in the form of a detailed sitemap. Once the sitemap is approved and signed off, we implement the skeleton of your site through wire-frames. Wire-frames are basic templates that contain the navigational and user interface elements for all pages within the site. Once the wire-frames are approved and signed off we apply the graphical treatment and define the final look and feel for the site.

As an additional service, we can also run usability tests to get measurable results on how users are experiencing your site. The results are delivered in the form of reports.

In the Development segment, the requirements gathered and the approved Web layout are engineered into the final product. CreativeNote's Development Team will review all the stated requirements and designs to be up-to-date on the goals of the client and project objectives.

In today's information age, keeping apprised of new technology is often vital to an organization's welfare and competitive advantage. Maintenance, essentially, is the key to fostering a mutually beneficial ongoing relationship with our clients.

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